As the cold weather approaches Dubai, there are lots of upcoming outdoor events  happening and one of which is  the Urban Market at Alserkal Avenue.

The two-day event includes art, live music, food, workshops, activities and a chance to buy gifts ranging from art and fashion to upcycled bicycles. The market is free to attend and is open to all, offering a platform for the community to get involved in the local arts scene.


My first stop of course are my friends, Dana & Kris who has a booth at FN Designs to sell their books, postcards & book marks. They also give a free cupcake from Sweet Taste of Eden when you buy a book!


_LMS3932   _LMS3935  _LMS3938

My mom had her own  face painting booth at The Yard and was a sure hit for kids! Check out her face painting designs and works here.

_LMS3950  _LMS3953 _LMS3954  _LMS3958

I also love the idea that Alserkal Avenue is not just a hub for galleries and established artists, you could also unleash the artist in you! There were ongoing art workshops for the two-day event such as print-making, acrylics, photography, mixed media workshops.

_LMS3962 _LMS3963 _LMS3964

There’s also a free polaroid photobooth too!_LMS3974

Not to mention the cuteness overload because there are pet friends everywhere!


Isn’t he adorable?


A lot of quirky finds – from house decor, accessories to vintage items! The theme of Urban Market focuses on recycled, biodegradable, natural and organic products.


Free pingpong tables scattered everywhere. So, if you’re done looking around, here’s another way to entertain yourself.


You could also just chill and have a chat with your friends in these grass-covered pallets that are everywhere too.


There are also a lot of food choices by Good Vibes Market 


GObai makes the most delicious Goan inspired street food and everything is served on biodegradable packaging.


Spill the Bean is an independent specialty coffee shop focused on single origin coffees and supreme quality blends—all 100% Organic, 100% Fair Trade.


Huguette and Guy makes traditional French Crepe freshly made in front of you!


Upcycle promotes sustainable lifestyle furnitures.


Blessed (together) is a growing support group dedicated to providing emotional, educational, spiritual and financial support to anyone whose life has been touched by cancer. A simple philosophy of acknowledging the positive in everything everyday forms the group’s foundation.


Look at this stunning piece!

_LMS4013 _LMS4015 _LMS4016

The proceeds of the fashion line pay for treatment of cancer patients who don’t have insurance, pay for expensive ongoing checkups for cancer patients, make sure patients get their chemotherapy on time, provide logistics for anyone who has to commute far for a treatment & help terminal case patients reunite with their family and loved ones.


Surat Journals are the perfect travel companion and story keeper, these little blank books are made from finely crafted recycled paper bound in stylish leather.

This product has been my favourite among all the products sold at the Urban Market because I love journal writing, I collect notebooks and these journals are intricately handmade by an inspiring & humble fellow Filipino.

_LMS4030_LMS4028  _LMS4031 _LMS4032    _LMS4037 _LMS4039 _LMS4040 _LMS4042

Another one on top of my list is Nathalie’s. I enjoyed their products so much that I bought 3 crates of goodies to give to my colleagues for Christmas. The owner is so cheerful and accommodating and she even shared the story behind their products.

Nathalie’s promote honest & healthy food, they use good & wholesome ingredients, everything is prepared fresh daily with no additives or preservatives.

Their Thyme with Zaatar bite-sized pieces and Espresso Chocolate are my favorite!

_LMS4047 _LMS4050

So that’s my Urban Market experience this year and I’m looking forward to the next ones!