Month: May 2015

5 Pre-Make Up Products to Use During Dubai Summer

Summer is fast approaching and if you’re in the middle of the desert with 40 degrees Celsius of heat to beat, here are pre-make up products that I love to use and I find very effective even in the midst of summer. 1. Toner- Tea Tree Water from Lush Cosmetics Every morning, I start my make-up routine by using Tea Tree Water from Lush Cosmetics on my face. I started using this product since last year and since then I have never skipped a day without using it. I have combination skin and I get zits every now and then, using this product doesn’t just refresh me which is a great way to prep up my skin for make-up but it also dries out my pimples.

How We Worked It Out

I thought I won’t be writing about relationships anymore but ummm…I just thought I needed to release this itch of writing something…something that makes me raw & human, so I decided to write something a bit personal but not too much. When I look back to my Multiply posts, god it makes me cringe. I was oversharing what’s happening to my relationship and it even got to a point where I had a cyber fight with someone (oh mama, was I feisty during my younger years) because I ranted through a long blog post and wrote everything in detail about something (oh hello, third party…boy did she mess with the wrong woman). But gone are those days and I just figured I’d like to write something about what I and my partner has been through that some people would understand and relate with.


So chuffed my artsy friends and I were able to go to the last day of this year’s STREETCON at Al Ghurair Centre, the whole street art festival was on from April 23 to May 2. Living and working here in Dubai, the fast-paced life and work always gets in the way, it’s funny how much effort it takes to gather people up and enjoy each other’s company just for fun’s sake and nothing else–neither for work nor business.