Month: October 2016

Product Review: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

I know this foundation has been out in the market since forever but as I mentioned before I don’t usually give into hype, I am more of a sure-hit make-up buyer. Why would I gamble my hard earned money to buy expensive make-up to try and there’s no assurance that it’s going to be good. WHY? I try to be a little sensible so I can justify my make-up spending. Plus, I’m a make-up artist and I like using top of the line products on my clients, they are not my guinea pigs whom I’ll try so-so products on. So I was at Sephora the other day and I saw a friend of a friend who works at NARS so I thought it was the perfect timing to get me some NARS goodies. First thing that I bought was the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, obviously I got a little excited about it because I got 3 shades: Stromboli, Syracuse & Barcelona. The shades are all in medium, the reason behind is in my list …

Product Review: Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette Rose Gold Edition

Since October is my birthday month, I get to be spoiled a little and one of my birthday presents is The Huda Beauty Textured Shadows Palette in Rose Gold Edition. Yaaassss! I’ve been eyeing on Huda’s products for a long time now, she’s such a business inspiration. From a finance analyst to a make-up mogul, what a transition! Hands down to that, you go girl! I’ve tried some of her lashes and I must say they are amazing! They look gorgeous on my clients with wide & deep set eyes but I don’t like using it for myself since I tend to go natural and man, those lashes are not subtle! I also heard a lot of good reviews on her lip contour. I don’t usually go crazy and line up at Sephora just to get newly launched products. I’m not yet there, but maybe soon? fingers crossed hopefully not. HAH! But I was chuffed that I got this recently launched palette and I got to try it right away so I thought I’d do a …

Oh Janet!

Photography: Alex Callueng Make-up: The Louise Monique Model: Janet Emmrich

The Look: Bridal Glow

Yesterday, I posted my recent styled shoot with a good friend & photographer, Paula Scalco. I’ve been recently posting about different make-up looks & shoots but I haven’t done a blogged about how I did the make-up. Paula, being the bearer of bright ideas, suggested that I should write about how I’ve done the make-up from our recent shoot…so here I am creating one. 🙂 1. I prepped the skin with the Avené Thermal Spring Water for instant hydration followed by Porefessional by Benefit to blur the pores. 2. Since her skin tone is quite even, it didn’t need any correcting so I proceeded with foundation- I used EX1 Invisiwear Foundation in shade 1.o followed by Dior Nude Air in shade 10 to highlight her under eye , t-zone & brow bone. Katie doesn’t need any concealing as well, so I used both lightwear foundations in 2 different shades to create a dimension and not make her face look flat. 4. After applying the foundation, I used the Make-up Forever HD Powder to set her under eye. …

Green Dream

  Photography: Paula Scalco Hair & Make-up: The Louise Monique Flower set-up & Venue: The Flower Market Gown: The Bridal Showroom Jewellery Boxes & Signages: The Party Jewellery: Aquae Jewels “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.” ― Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

MKS Jewellery New Collection

Brand: MKS Jewellery Photographer: Lauren Ellis- Godfrey Hair & Make-up: The Louise Monique Model: Marie Jacquemot  

Product Review: Dr. Ci Labo Aqua Collagen-Gel Aloe Cool

I recently got a skin care loot from Japan. I’ve heard lots of great reviews about Japanese skin care products. If you look at the trend in Japan, women are more obsessed with perfecting their skin care routine rather than make-up. Asians tend to go more natural and youthful with their make-up look and how do they achieve this? By taking care of their skin so well. I didn’t know what to purchase since most of the packaging description is in Nihongo but I started with a multi-tasking product called Dr. Ci Labo Aqua Collagen-Gel Aloe Cool. It works as a toner, milk lotion, make-up base & beauty balm. I’ve been using this for 3 days now and I am well impressed with it! I use it twice a day, in the morning after washing my face & at night before bed time. If you can see, the consistency is quite thick but it doesn’t feel sticky at all. After applying an ample amount of the product on the face, leave it to dry for a minute …

Behind the Scenes by Itsoura

Behind the scenes by Itsoura Hair & Make-up Artist: The Louise Monique Flowers: The Flower Market Gown: The Bridal Showroom Model: Emma

Fairy Fierce Collection by Belles by Raquel

Her soul is ruled by a blossoming dance, a young heart beating for an ancient love, she walks in graceful confidence and humility, for it is her that makes the world more beautiful. She is Fairy Fierce, which one are you? Raquel’s new collection is so beautiful and intricate, the hairpieces are perfect for brides who wants to add a little ‘oomph’ to their look. The pieces are very versatile, if you want to look romantic, fierce, boho, royal..the collection has all the pieces that suits every look.                           Hairpieces: Belles by Raquel Photographer: Paula Scalco Hair & Make-up: The Louise Monique Gown: The Bridal Showroom Flowers: 800 Flowers

Make-up in Black & White

“To see in color is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.” – Andri Cauldwell I’ve always been fascinated with black and white photos. That’s why when Ryk shared these photos to me, I told myself, I have to post this even if it doesn’t highlight my make-up work – maybe it does? I’m not too sure but I love it anyway and I’ve got a batch of colored photos coming up so let’s say that this post is a teaser for that. 😉 Itsoura together with The Bridal Showroom, The Flower Market and myself collaborated for this styled shoot. In this post, you can see that I’ve done 2 looks: a very soft and bridal look and transition to something bold & edgy. Honestly, we just played around and let the creative juice flow. Sometimes, it’s best to just go with it, let creativity take you to places you’ve never been and make you do things you’ve never done.      Film Photography: …