There are a few events here in Dubai that I look forward to yearly and one of which is Beauty World. I have been attending for 3 years now and the reason why I look forward to it is because I get to know about new products in the market from all over the world, I meet new people in the same industry and I get to buy products that are not usually available here in the middle east with marked down prices!

The top 5 brands that I love from Beauty World 2015 are the following:

1. Make Up Designory 

For the previous years, they did not sell a single product at Beauty World and I got a message from a friend and a fellow make-up lover that MUD is selling some products. I dragged my beau to rush to Hall 6 and hoard some products! The products that I bought were eye shadow and cheek color. I was really tempted to buy their lipsticks but I still have my Kryolan Palette though their lipstick is one of the products that I will definitely go back for.

Make Up Designory is not just a brand but it is my dream make up school that is based in the US. 


2. Palladio

The brand is also from Hollywood and it is one of the make up line that I love because among the ingredients used in Palladio products are antioxidants such as Ginseng, Green Tea, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E and natural humectants and skin soothers such as Aloe Vera and Chamomile.

This brand is also a regular at Beauty World and ever since I was in the Philippines, I loved this brand. This year, I bought Ultra Fine Eyeliner Pen ,Herbal Dual Wet & Dry Foundation and a couple of Herbal Perfecting Lip Liner.


3. Cailyn

I hoarded a couple of their products last year at Beauty World 2014. I am a fan of their Gelux Brow and Linefix Gel Eyeliners. But this year, I have yet to try their Tinted Gloss Stick and my choice of shade is Basic Instinct, it’s best for brides because of the subtle yet flirty color.


4. Cala

My mum has been making friends at Beauty World and she’s been visiting the Korean guy who takes care of Cala’s booth. I have been satisfied with the quality of brushes that they have. I’ve seen better brushes but I couldn’t say that it’s the worst brush that I have used. Safe to say it is average and it’s totally worth it especially for the price that they sell it at Beauty World.


5. Shadow Shields

This brand is not particularly available at Beauty World but I met up with one supplier who is based in Qatar. He has given me samples of the product that will make my life a lot more easier when doing make-up on my clients especially when I do smokey eyes or if I am going to use pigments as eye shadows.




And I just have to mention that his year, I am the luckiest girl to attend Beauty World because I have the most patient and supportive boyfriend with me as I graze through the different beauty brands without hearing any complain but words of support and encouragement such as “take your time, darling.” and “of course, we can go there and have a look.” I couldn’t be more thankful than that. <3