Summer is fast approaching and if you’re in the middle of the desert with 40 degrees Celsius of heat to beat, here are pre-make up products that I love to use and I find very effective even in the midst of summer.

1. Toner- Tea Tree Water from Lush Cosmetics

Every morning, I start my make-up routine by using Tea Tree Water from Lush Cosmetics on my face. I started using this product since last year and since then I have never skipped a day without using it.

I have combination skin and I get zits every now and then, using this product doesn’t just refresh me which is a great way to prep up my skin for make-up but it also dries out my pimples.

2. Sunblock- Proactiv Daily Protection Sunscreen

It is a must in especially in this part of the world to put on a sunscreen before stepping out of your apartment to conquer the world. Since I have combination skin and sometimes I find my face too oily when I use a moisturizer apart from my sunblock. So Proactiv Daily Sunscreen Protection with SPF 30 serves as my moisturizer and sunscreen.

What I love about this product is it’s oil-free! At the end of the day, my face doesn’t look like a frying pan full of oil in it even without retouching!

3. Primer- Face Atelier Ultra Matte

Before I put on my foundation, I love applying a fair amount of Face Atelier Ultra Matte because this silicon-based spray mattifier serves as my primer. Since it’s silicon-based it holds the make up longer, the first time I used the product I was worried that it will induce oil on my face but as I leave it for about 7-10 minutes before applying my make-up it left my skin matte, smooth and ready for foundation.

Ultra Matte

4. Base- All-in-one BB Cream from Body Shop

I use different kinds of base depending on the season. During the summer, I like using a light base since Dubai heat is all too much. I have recently tried Body Shop’s All-in-one BB Cream, I loved using it as my foundation during this kind of weather.

The advantages of using this product are: it is light on the skin, you won’t feel like you have too much on your face. Second, Body Shop offers various shades but when you apply it on your face it adapts to your actual skin tone which leaves you looking like you barely have anything on. Third, it’s hydrating and unlike a normal foundation it doesn’t feel like my skin has been worn out and tired once I remove it.

5. Powder- Everyday Minerals Base

After applying on my BB cream, I love using this Everyday Minerals Base. It surprisingly gives medium coverage and it leaves my skin smooth. And most importantly, it’s mineral make-up!

I don’t use concealer under my eyes if I’m only using a light base since it will only highlight my eye bags. So, I use this base under my eyes, it gives me the coverage that I want for my eye bags. Then I use my powder brush and pat it on my forehead, bridge of the nose and cheeks.



Hope you like my product recommendation and up next is 5 make-up products to use during Dubai summer..yes, not just summer because Dubai summer is incomparable to any other summers around the globe!

Feel free to share your comments and suggestions about products that you guys use during summer (wherever you are, even if you’re not in Dubai). 🙂