A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity of working with The Bridal Showroom and Peach & Pink for a styled bridal photoshoot. I loved working with The Bridal Showroom because the owner, Diala is very professional and hands on with her business. Diala with the help of Lana styled the whole photoshoot, they had a clear direction of their vision and executed it perfectly.

On my end, I had two canvasses to work on. I played around on different looks such as, vintage, boho, classic & modern. The two models have very different facial features which gave me the opportunity to come up with different hair & make-up looks for different styles of the gown. I love how the model’s faces could transition from a soft bridal look to something fierce and edgy.

The Photographer, Suzette was very easy to work with. She knows how to execute Diala and Lana’s vision and she is open for suggestions and recommendations.

It was a great experience working with the whole team!

Here are some behind the scenes photos taken from my phone.


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