If you are a make up artist or someone who uses make up brushes a lot, I know that we share the same woes of having to wash and dry our brushes constantly. Cleaning & tidying up my kit is my least favourite part as a make up artist but hygiene is the most important factor involved in your craft.

I personally wash my brushes every after use especially if I use my brushes on my clients. Never ever go come to a job with your brushes unclean, you’d look unprofessional and uhm, disgusting. Who wants that?

Washing your brushes constantly affects its longevity because the water tends to seep into the stem of your brush.

I’ve recently bought a Benjabelle Sunflower Brush Tree, I bought it because it would save me space as I dry my brushes. I usually lay all my brushes flat on a table but it takes a lot of space and you have to roll it over to make sure that all the sides will dry out.

Benjabelle brush tree is the perfect solution for drying your brushes properly. Once you’ve assembled your brush tree, you can wash your brushes as you normally do and then insert the brush once by one bristles facing down. The tree doesn’t take up that much space and you can easily move it one place to another without the hassle of moving the brushes one by one.

The Benjabelle Brush tree is collapsible so you can tidy it up and keep it if you’re not using it.

I absolutely love the product! I got mine from Glamazle one of my trusted online shops here in the UAE. The product came in good condition and it only took a day or two for the products that I ordered to arrive.