See, anyone can start a fire, darling,

but how are you going to keep it alight?

What will you don when it dies down?

Just start another one and another and another?

Do you have enough tinder, dearest,

enough matches in your back pockets?

Will you stay and light a cigarette,

watch the embers glow as the sparks dance?

Let’s roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate

in the open, under a blanket of stars.

Stay with me tonight.

But do me a favor will you, my love?

When you leave, douse me with water,

lest I be the cause of a wildfire.

Bury me in the sand.

Forget me. I will be okay.

Just think of the trees.

-Danabelle Gutierrez, & Until the Dreams Come

Hair & Make-up: The Louise Monique

Photography: Studio by The Louise Monique

Model: Marix