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The Urban Market Experience

As the cold weather approaches Dubai, there are lots of upcoming outdoor events  happening and one of which is  the Urban Market at Alserkal Avenue. The two-day event includes art, live music, food, workshops, activities and a chance to buy gifts ranging from art and fashion to upcycled bicycles. The market is free to attend and is open to all, offering a platform for the community to get involved in the local arts scene. My first stop of course are my friends, Dana & Kris who has a booth at FN Designs to sell their books, postcards & book marks. They also give a free cupcake from Sweet Taste of Eden when you buy a book!       My mom had her own  face painting booth at The Yard and was a sure hit for kids! Check out her face painting designs and works here.       I also love the idea that Alserkal Avenue is not just a hub for galleries and established artists, you could also unleash the artist in you! There were ongoing …

& Until the Dreams Come Launch Night

& Until The Dreams Come The show aims to exhibit all watercolor paintings that were inspired by the book & Until The Dreams Come, along with photographs of the details with excerpts from the book illustrating that while you can view any story as a whole, the real story is when you experience it magnified and up close. Danabelle Gutierrez & Until The Dreams Come is a book that whispers and roars. It is on fire and it is drowning. There is no gentle here. It means nothing, until it means something, and suddenly it’s everything. This is a book that has loved and has survived to tell the tale. Kris Kang The watercolour paintings were inspired by the book & Until The Dreams Come. They illustrate the journey of a person in a relationship using the interaction of non-human objects to the human body with its movements and characteristics defining and detailing the emotions depicted in the poems.

Discovering Sri Lanka

If you are working in the UAE, there are inevitable times when you have to exit the country for a a (visa) status change and other complications regarding visa. These are one of the moments when it applies to me and instead of the going to the usual “Exit Countries” for Filipinos, I went on a budget adventure to Sri Lanka for 5 days. If you are a Filipino passport holder you can enter 60+ countries without acquiring a visa beforehand and one of which is Sri Lanka though you have to acquire for an ETA prior to your departure, it costs around $10 and it’s very easy to get one- you just have to go to this website  and fill up all the necessary information and pay through credit or debit card. Apart from visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, it’s also my first time to book a hostel through AirBnb. I booked for a studio apartment for 5 days and it only costs AED 550. My air ticket is about AED800 and I brought …

Getting Familiar with Ireland

  After visiting Prague, we headed to Ireland to visit Aidan’s relatives. The trip is not just about sightseeing and visiting the tourist spots but it is getting to know Aidan’s roots. When we arrived, we headed straight to Swords to have a family dinner with her aunts from his mom’s side. Followed by a day of exploring in Dublin, we went to Trinity College to see The Book of Kells and just freely wandered around the city – ate Fish & Chips and drank Guinness. As the evening approached we made our way to the bus station on the way to Dundalk where his dad grew up and stayed there for the rest of the trip. We visited The Giant’s Lair with the whole family and went for a drive to Carlingford with Adam- one of Aidan’s best mates and now a part of their family since he married Aidan’s cousin, Michelle. We stayed with the couple the whole time we are in Dundalk. It’s just overwhelming and heart warming to see how close …

Travelling to Europe: Breathtaking Prague

This year has been a big year for me, it’s been a mixture of ups and downs- highs and lows. The month of July for sure is one of the highlights of my year because I had the chance to travel to Europe for the time! and not just that, I travelled with the love of my life and his family. Our first stop was Prague, Czech Republic where we stayed for 5 days and explored this beautiful city.


So chuffed my artsy friends and I were able to go to the last day of this year’s STREETCON at Al Ghurair Centre, the whole street art festival was on from April 23 to May 2. Living and working here in Dubai, the fast-paced life and work always gets in the way, it’s funny how much effort it takes to gather people up and enjoy each other’s company just for fun’s sake and nothing else–neither for work nor business.

Hotel Review: Tilal Liwa Hotel

Recently, we booked an overnight stay at Tilal Liwa Hotel in Abu Dhabi. As much as I would like to say that it is in Abu Dhabi and stop there, I won’t because it’s not. It was a 4-hour drive from Dubai but my kind of anniversary celebration is to go for an adventure so when I was browsing for getaways at Groupon and saw what Tilal Liwa offers, I instantly did my research about the hotel (looked at the photos at the website and read reviews about the hotel) and after a day or two I booked the hotel!