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I (obviously) Did Not Wake Up Like This

Let’s admit it, behind all those social media perfect photos is a lot of effort. Just this morning, I tried to do a photo shoot for this blog post and it took me 2-3 hours! I had to curl my hair which took me 20-30 minutes, do my make up which is about 45 minutes then set up my camera and lighting for 15 minutes and another 45 minutes to take photos and get the shots that I like. It doesn’t stop there, I also had to import and choose from over a hundred of photos, tweak it a little bit (*only Levels, Curves & Brightness/Contrast are manipulated) on Photoshop and then write this blog. When I say a lot of effort I mean you must have the right tools (camera, lighting, make up, brushes, props), the skills (make up skills should be on point, and you should know how to contort your body to get the perfect angle & at the same time take your photo and you should be able to come up with …

Comfortable In My Own Skin

It’s the first time that I get photographed by someone else apart from my trustee camera, tripod and remote. It was a long process until I finally appeased my self to say this but, I am comfortable in my own skin. I am not a size 0 nor I have a face that could heal cancer or leprosy but guess what…I am happy and what’s more important than that? I         I’m sorry but I am not sorry for this little post about self love and appreciation.