Face Atelier is one of the most underrated make up brands at least here in Dubai and there are lots of brands to compete to such as MAC, Make UP Forever, Illamasqua etc. I haven’t tried all foundations that there is so I cannot say that I am a foundation specialist but I really do love Face Atelier Ultra Foundation because if several reasons.

  1. It’s silicone based so it seeps into the skin and it doesn’t look cakey at all. If you get the right shade it just looks like your own skin but so much better! It works well with young skin that doesn’t need a lot of product and works well with mature skin too. Because it’s silicone based, the product seeps into the wrinkles and makes the skin look younger and softer. The trick is to get the perfect shade!
  2. It’s medium to full coverage. It works on days when you want to look fresh and not too made up and it could work double time if you want a perfect flawless skin and full on glam, the product is buildable and even if you put on a second layer of it, it will not look like you just applied a whole bottle of foundation on your face. Again, the trick here is to get the perfect shade!
  3. You can mix foundations to get the perfect shade! I don’t have all the shades of foundation but I do have the right ones so I could come up with the perfect one.  If you have 0- and 0+ you can come up with the perfect shade of foundation. But to spare you the time to mix colors and get the perfect shade, I recommend that you get more shades. 0- is also a very good highlighter.
  4. 2703646Another shade that I love is heat, it’s not usually used as a foundation but it is perfect for color correcting the darkness in areas such as under the eyes. It certainly works wonders in covering dark under eyes, I find concealers with yellow undertone just highlights the darkness around the eyes, but  using red color correctors such as heat neutralizes the darkness. When foundation is applied it just looks very natural and not intensely highlighted like when I use a concealer or a color corrector that has a yellow undertone.
  5. It has a dewy natural finish and lasts up to 12+ hours. 

What’s not to love about this foundation?

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation is available at Pro Makeup Boutique here in Dubai.