After visiting Prague, we headed to Ireland to visit Aidan’s relatives. The trip is not just about sightseeing and visiting the tourist spots but it is getting to know Aidan’s roots. When we arrived, we headed straight to Swords to have a family dinner with her aunts from his mom’s side. Followed by a day of exploring in Dublin, we went to Trinity College to see The Book of Kells and just freely wandered around the city – ate Fish & Chips and drank Guinness.

As the evening approached we made our way to the bus station on the way to Dundalk where his dad grew up and stayed there for the rest of the trip. We visited The Giant’s Lair with the whole family and went for a drive to Carlingford with Adam- one of Aidan’s best mates and now a part of their family since he married Aidan’s cousin, Michelle. We stayed with the couple the whole time we are in Dundalk.

It’s just overwhelming and heart warming to see how close his family is to each other. His aunt and cousins treated me like family and did the same to them, I have never been offered a cup of tea for more than 3 times in one meal and I accepted it like a gracious Irish woman! HA!:)

Trinity College






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Wandering Around Dublin

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A Visit to the Giant’s Lair











Carlingford Trip with Adam

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