Let’s admit it, behind all those social media perfect photos is a lot of effort. Just this morning, I tried to do a photo shoot for this blog post and it took me 2-3 hours! I had to curl my hair which took me 20-30 minutes, do my make up which is about 45 minutes then set up my camera and lighting for 15 minutes and another 45 minutes to take photos and get the shots that I like.

It doesn’t stop there, I also had to import and choose from over a hundred of photos, tweak it a little bit (*only Levels, Curves & Brightness/Contrast are manipulated) on Photoshop and then write this blog.

When I say a lot of effort I mean you must have the right tools (camera, lighting, make up, brushes, props), the skills (make up skills should be on point, and you should know how to contort your body to get the perfect angle & at the same time take your photo and you should be able to come up with words that make sense when paired with your photos) & the confidence to back it all up.

If we really do take a lot of effort on how we (effortlessly) look in social media does this mean that we are living a superficial life? Does this mean that we are vain to our core and the only thing we know is to choose the best filter and find the most effective face altering app that could hide our double chin or make our eyes look bigger like a doll but most of the time it just gives us crazy eyes.

I’ve recently read an article about a teenage girl who’s famous on social media but eventually deleted her Instagram account because she believed that using the app is sheer “contrived perfection made to get attention”. Maybe at this point in that girl’s life she needs to pursue things that will give significance to her existence like sports?pottery?poetry?calligraphy?who knows?

For some, social media is a helpful tool to find their passion and what they want to do with their lives. Through social media some people see a whole new dimension to the way they see the world. I think it’s about finding the healthy balance of your real life and your social media persona. If you are a functional human being and your existence doesn’t evolve around social media – you don’t eat so you could have a new post on Instagram, you don’t get out of bed to live tweet or Snapchat the progress of your day…if your reason for breathing doesn’t depend on your posts and the attention that you get from it then you are still doing fine. You could be one of those people who uses social media as it is intended which is to support, empower, inform and just simply have fun.

I am a make up artist and I choose to use social media to communicate and showcase my art. I use it to reach out to other make up artists and people who are interested to know & learn about make up. There are lots of debates and issues about using make-up but that would be in a different blog entry but my stand about it is, for me, make up is one of the ways to express yourself like how you pick your outfit says about your personality.

So here’s my make up post for the day, before everything gets crazy and my make up goes out of hand, I’d like to show you my fresh from bed “I woke up like this, literally” look to my “Who run the world?” made up face.

_LMS3371 copy

I (obviously) did not wake up like this but keep scrolling…


Eyeliner on point

_LMS3417 copy


Which look suits best? Red or pink lips?


At this point, only foundation is applied and brows groomed.


No make-up look, literally.

Products Used:

  1. Foundation – Face Atelier Zero minus + #7 Tan 
  2. Brows – Palladio Brow Pencil in Auburn
  3. Powder Contour – MUD Eye Color in Bronzed
  4. Eyeshadow – Kryolan Glamour Glow Palette in Elegance
  5. Eyeliner – Inglot AMC Gel Liner #77
  6. Eyelashes – Red Cherry Lashes in # 43 
  7. Blush – Make-up Studio Professional Make up in Lumiére True Pink
  8. Liquid Highlight – Face Atelier Zero Plus 
  9. Powder Highlight – Make-up Studio Professional Make up  Lumiére in Silk Rose
  10. Lipstick – Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Woodrose + Sweet Rose changed to Cailyn Art Touch Liquid Lipstick in Aphrodite


Feel free to comment, suggest and say anything you want to say or just drop a ‘hello’! I promise I won’t bite.xx