It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog. Yes, life happened and yes, it’s hard to be an adult. But talking about that is a whole different story and this post is about my discovery of two amazing Asian beauty brands from the Philippines & Thailand.

The online beauty store, PrimaBeauty Finds sent me some Thai beauty products called MORES & the Filipino made cosmetics line called KJM cosmetics.  Oh! A little bit of chika on the side, the owner of the PrimaBeauty Finds is such a darling! She made sure that I got the products right away. Who wouldn’t want to deal with nice people, right? Definitely 10 for customer service, good manners & right conduct! HA! 🙂

From KJM Cosmetics, I received lip tints in Pink Puff, Summer Kiss, Bittersweet Magenta & Dolled. I also got tinted lip balms in Manic, Pandora & Clarity. Out of all the lip tint shades that I’ve tried, my favorite is Bittersweet Magenta though I also love Summer Kiss – this shade is definitely a show stopper!

I live for lip tints and I personally use it more than lipstick.  You almost don’t feel the product on your lips after applying it. Second, you can still moisturize  your lips and retain the color by topping it off with a bit of lip balm.

Four things I love about KJM Cosmetics:

  1. KJM Cosmetics offer wide range of lip tint & lip balm shades, I think they have about 10 different shades of lip tints.

  2. The product organic, meaning – the said ingredient (or almost 100% of the ingredients in an organic product) have been grown and processed under a very strict code of cleanliness, with no pesticides or fertilizers, and absolutely no genetically modified organisms.

  3. The lip tint is actually moisturizing and you won’t feel like your lips are chapped & dry after applying the product.

  4. It’s proudly Filipino . 🙂

IMG_5221IMG_5165 IMG_5223


And of course, a selfie – using Summer Kiss lip tint.

From MORES, I received MORES Magic Cleanser, MORES 2Eyes Sleeping Mask & MORES White Booster.

My favorite among the MORES skin care line is the Magic Cleanser. I’ve tried a lot of make up remover but this one is unlike the rest. It’s gel type and you just have to gently rub it on your face then wash it off with water – poof & your make up’s gone! It’s PH level is 5.5 so it’s guaranteed safe & gentle even for sensitive skin.

I’ve used MORES 2Eyes and more than anything, it made my under eye smooth and I felt refreshed even though I only had 6 hours of sleep!

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of whitening products – I love my chocolate skin & I don’t have the urge to look white, I’m proud of where I came from! Pinays represent! So I was a bit hesitant to try the MORES White Booster. I used it once or twice and I haven’t seen or felt much difference. To be fair, just like other products, you have to use it more often to see visible results.

Though based on the other two products that I’ve tried from MORES and the mere fact that it didn’t harm my skin on the two times that I’ve tried it, I guess it’s a product worth trying. 🙂


Comments & suggestions below! Ciao!


Louise Monique