A couple of months ago, I started using Coesam Skincare Products from Korea. So what’s the difference between traditional skin care and organic skin care products? When you use organic skin care products, it means that it’s not just the raw ingredients that are good for you, it also means that the processing of these products is cleaner and more earth-friendly. Unlike traditional skin care products, some contain harmful chemicals that could cause more harm than good to your skin.

It’s a fact that Korean Skincare products are known to be very effective let alone ORGANIC. So when this brand was introduced to me, I knew I had to give it a try.


Coesam Rosehip Pure Skin Toner

After washing my face, I used the Rosehip Pure Skin Toner to prep my skin up. The scent is so gentle like rosewater (because duh? this is Rosehip?) so I guess, the scent is natural and not infused.



Coesam Rosehip Pure Essence

I’ve been on holiday for 2 months and I was at the beach for 10 days straight. I had loads of fun but imagine how badly damaged my skin was. My fiancé and I were under the sun for 6-8 hours everyday. After the trip, I was 5 shades darker, but I constantly used sunscreen (of course!) and the Rosehip Pure Essence. And you know what saved my life? Every night before I go to sleep, I slather my skin with the Rosehip Pure Cream.

Coesam Rosehip Pure Cream

My skin could have been badly damaged but this baby is just unbelievably hydrating. The best part about it is it doesn’t feel oily when I wake up. My skin just felt so soft and moisturized.

For a time, I also used this soap as a substitute for my facial wash, it felt ok on my skin, nothing revolutionary – or I guess, I haven’t used the product long enough to see the results? It didn’t cause any damage like break outs or anything like that.

Coesam Rosehip Cream Soap

I only have a few of these capsules left because I’ve been using it constantly on my face, my back (when my back was flaking after the sunburn) and my fingernails. It just feels so good! It instantly hydrates wherever I apply it.

100% Organic Premium Rosehip Capsule Oil

My verdict: 7/10

I like the fact that it’s organic and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that my skin could absorb.

I’ll continue using these products because it works on my skin. My skin feels softer especially in the morning after waking up, it hydrates my skin (of course, I reinforce it with drinking lots of water too!)  and since I started using it, I don’t get break outs anymore.

The price is a little bit more expensive than the usual drug store brands but it’s not as expensive as high-end skin care brands.

You can find these products in Cycoordi, they’re an online shop for beauty & makeup products. They ship directly to the UAE and all of their products are 100% Genuinely Korean.

Click on the link below to visit their shop: