I’ve been using Macadamia products for a few good years now and I’ve been very happy about the effects of it. As some of you know, I’ve had long healthy locks before I had my pixie. Unfortunately, cutting my hair short is not a voluntary decision or a fashion statement but it was a salon treatment gone wrong. That’s another story to tell but anyway, my  go to hair product after coconut oil is Macadamia Professional.

Nazih, my go-to professional hair & beauty shop here in Dubai went on sale so I obviously went out of my way to visit the shop and take advantage of that sale! I got myself and the bff some Macadamia goodies! Is it just me or is there anyone else out there who likes buying things in large quantities to save. I bought the Rejuvinating Shampoo & Moisturizing Rinse both in 1 Liter. Yes, 1 liter because I have a fear of running out of hair products! LOL but seriously though, I think it’s quite economical if you buy products in large quantities but ONLY if the product is tried and tested not right away when you just want to try the product out.

Before I bought the Macadamia Professional shampoo & conditioner, I’ve been using Mane ‘n Tail. I was so desperate to find a solution for my badly damaged hair, for months I’ve been trying different products, treatments and hair vitamins but I haven’t found anything worth sticking to.

When I saw the Rejuvinating Shampoo & Moisturizing Rinse, it felt like it was calling me to take them home. I used it before but I find it a bit too expensive in their normal price. The regular price of both products are AED250 each. Since it was 50% off, I thought okay there’s no excuse now, if I don’t get it now I will never buy it. So I bought both products in 1 Liter, with the hopes of making it last until the next time Nazih goes on sale.

Though it’s a little bit more pricey than the hair products that I usually buy, I can say that it’s totally worth it. My hair has been noticeably soft and smooth. Both the shampoo and conditioner are sulfate & paraben free, it doesn’t feel heavy on the scalp. It’s a no-drama hair product, very easy to use and straight forward but you’ll see amazing results right after washing.

Another thing that I bought from the brand is the Deep Repair Masque, hands down to this product, I’ve been using this since 2012 and I never found any other product like it. I use it twice a week after shampoo and I keep it for 5-7 minutes before rinsing it off. If your hair is chemically damaged from coloring, perming, or bleaching, the Deep Repair Masque deeply nourishes and eliminates the effects of those harsh chemicals on your hair. The price of the product is AED190 for 500ml. I got it on sale with 50% discount and this will last I think for 6 months since I have short hair.

All products are best for all hair types from oily to dry whether it’s long or short. If you want a product that will nourish your hair inside out, this is it.

Leave a comment below if you also love this product or if you could recommend a better product that works for you. <3


Louise Monique