Last week, I have bought some products to replenish my kit. I didn’t have a particular list of products and brands that I really need to buy, I was just in search for a couple of things that would be lovely to add to my kit like, highlighter, different shades of lipsticks etc.

I was walking my way to all the make-up shops around Dubai Mall and found myself in Sephora, I went there to specifically have a look at Smashbox’s Full Exposure Palette but as I was inspecting every colour swash of it, I can see NARS’ booth on my peripheral view and the next thing I know I was already at the counter paying for NARS Illuminator in Orgasm shade.

Nars 2

I was impressed after trying the product on my hand, it is well pigmented but still subtle and easy to blend. It is the perfect product if you want to achieve a radiant glow. Personally, I mix it with my foundation, I usually mix a drop of the illuminator with two drops of my foundation and use it as my base. I don’t use powder after applying it because it will defeat the whole purpose of the product.

The mixture of the foundation and the illuminator that I use works out well for my everyday look, it gives me a natural glow that says “I woke up like this!”– it looks fresh and glowing but not too much for a work day.

Nars 1

You could also use the illuminator as a highlighter on your cheek bones, ridge of your nose, forehead, brow bone and cupid’s bow. This product is very flexible to use, so I figured it would be a must-have in my kit. It also comes in different shades, depending on the shade of your skin or the look that you want to go for. For fair glistening skin, use Copacabana. For a luminous blush you could go for Orgasm or Super Orgasm. If you are dark-skinned or want to achieve a shimmering tan, Laguna would be the perfect shade to apply on your skin.


NARS has formulated the perfect product that caters  to everyone–from make up enthusiasts to professional make-up artists, this product could surely boost your make-up game and the beauty of this product is it can be used from morning til dawn.  Cost wise, it is surely worth it for AED 158 because the product would last for a long time since you only need a little when you apply it especially when you mix it with your foundation.

Feel free to write your comments below on what you think about the NARS Illuminator or if you have a recommended product that you want a review about.