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Beautiful & Happy

  Photography: Lauren Ellis-Godfrey Make-up: Louise Monique Model: Renae for MKS Jewellery

The Power of Make-up: Faux Freckles

   The Power of Make-up; How I change Emma’s look from flawless to flawsome! Some of you might have noticed that I mainly work with Emma, the reason behind that is first, she’s my favourite girl. Second, she has phenomenal facial features. Third, she’s an upcoming model here in Dubai and lastly, I want to show her face in different types of make-up and see how make-up could change one’s look. In this shoot, I’ve done a very simple & fresh make-up but I’ve also added faux freckles on her. Yes! those freckles aren’t real. 🙂 Photo Credits to: Enchanté Studios Comment below if you liked her look and if you want to suggest a different look for Emma. xxx Louise Monique

Christina, Manager

“Beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” – Christina, Manager  

Bride in Bloom

Hair & Make-up: Louise Monique Photo: Delta Grace

AJ Marasigan – Social Activist/ Writer/ Entrepreneur

     “You have to choose yourself everyday. When you get up in the morning, you choose yourself and then you choose how to make the world a little better than it was yesterday. I think real beauty comes from knowing that you are more than enough and that you can give a piece of yourself to the world everyday. A sheer sense of purpose. The strength to be unselfish.” -AJ Maranan Marasigan, Social Activist/Writer/Entrepreneur



Skye in London

The POREfessional vs. Face Atelier Ultra Matte Mattifier

I know this product has been out for a long time now but I just had the perfect opportunity to get one for myself last week when I was at Mall of the Emirates and Benefit had a kiosk outside Wojooh and the sales lady enticed me with a free bag if I get three items! No, I did not get three items and I did not get my free bag but I thought to myself, oh well this could be a nice addition to my kit since my Face Atelier Ultra Matte Mattifier is almost finished. To get to the point, is The POREfessional a worthy replacement to the Face Atelier Ultra Matte Mattifier? I’ve used The POREfessional for over a week now and I’m not too happy with the results. Yes, it left my skin smooth and yes, it gave that blurring effect but after 4-5 hours, I noticed that it makes my skin look like it’s peeling unlike when I use my Face Atelier Ultra Foundation on its own. (Read post about Face …

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

Face Atelier is one of the most underrated make up brands at least here in Dubai and there are lots of brands to compete to such as MAC, Make UP Forever, Illamasqua etc. I haven’t tried all foundations that there is so I cannot say that I am a foundation specialist but I really do love Face Atelier Ultra Foundation because if several reasons. It’s silicone based so it seeps into the skin and it doesn’t look cakey at all. If you get the right shade it just looks like your own skin but so much better! It works well with young skin that doesn’t need a lot of product and works well with mature skin too. Because it’s silicone based, the product seeps into the wrinkles and makes the skin look younger and softer. The trick is to get the perfect shade! It’s medium to full coverage. It works on days when you want to look fresh and not too made up and it could work double time if you want a perfect flawless skin …

I (obviously) Did Not Wake Up Like This

Let’s admit it, behind all those social media perfect photos is a lot of effort. Just this morning, I tried to do a photo shoot for this blog post and it took me 2-3 hours! I had to curl my hair which took me 20-30 minutes, do my make up which is about 45 minutes then set up my camera and lighting for 15 minutes and another 45 minutes to take photos and get the shots that I like. It doesn’t stop there, I also had to import and choose from over a hundred of photos, tweak it a little bit (*only Levels, Curves & Brightness/Contrast are manipulated) on Photoshop and then write this blog. When I say a lot of effort I mean you must have the right tools (camera, lighting, make up, brushes, props), the skills (make up skills should be on point, and you should know how to contort your body to get the perfect angle & at the same time take your photo and you should be able to come up with …