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Bride in Bloom

Hair & Make-up: Louise Monique Photo: Delta Grace

Anna Rodionova – Account Manager

“Beauty for me is graciousness. A gracious person will always be beautiful. ” – Anna Rodionova, Account Manager

Natural Charmer

    “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” – Audrey Hepburn   More than someone’s beauty, I am more attracted to their attitude and personality. This collaboration with Chinee started with an Instagram post, I just noticed that this cute & charming girl kept liking my posts and from then I got curious and of course, the obvious next step is to stalk her. Apparently, we went to the same college and graduated in the same batch, I’ve had vague memories of her but never really got the chance to be friends with her or say hi when we were in college. After some months of just lurking at her profile and admiring how positive her attitude and vibe is, I approached her and asked if she would be up for a photoshoot and she said ‘yes!’. So, one Saturday afternoon, we met and as soon as I saw her, I was …

I (obviously) Did Not Wake Up Like This

Let’s admit it, behind all those social media perfect photos is a lot of effort. Just this morning, I tried to do a photo shoot for this blog post and it took me 2-3 hours! I had to curl my hair which took me 20-30 minutes, do my make up which is about 45 minutes then set up my camera and lighting for 15 minutes and another 45 minutes to take photos and get the shots that I like. It doesn’t stop there, I also had to import and choose from over a hundred of photos, tweak it a little bit (*only Levels, Curves & Brightness/Contrast are manipulated) on Photoshop and then write this blog. When I say a lot of effort I mean you must have the right tools (camera, lighting, make up, brushes, props), the skills (make up skills should be on point, and you should know how to contort your body to get the perfect angle & at the same time take your photo and you should be able to come up with …

Style Vault Dubai

My Love Affair with Make Up

This post is to give tribute to my love affair with make-up because I’ve been astray for quite some time and the guilt is eating me up because I haven’t doing what I love doing. I’ve been a make-up artist for two years now, I’m mostly freelancing and never worked for a particular brand. Even though I love experimenting and trying out different brands, I am a huge fan of Kryolan Professional Make-up, Make Up Forever and Temptu Pro for Airbrush Make-up.  Yesterday, I was at Dubai Mall and fancied to walk around, little did I know I already have three bags of products in my hands! But hey, it’s not totally impulsive buying, I have an upcoming wedding gig and I am replenishing my kit. I’ll keep my first post short and sweet, in my next post, I’ll review about the new products that I bought from Nars, MAC and Make-up Forever.