It was such an honor to be friends and colleagues with the inspiring woman behind the brand THEORY. Dee is a woman on a mission, her passion for make-up and beauty has driven her brand to a whole new level. When I first met her, we instantly clicked! She was like my long-lost sister! Or the sister I wish I had!

When she introduced her products to me, and I can’t believe that this woman created a brand with full range of products from foundations (with variations from organic, professional to custom blend), eyeshadows, blush, lipsticks, lip liner, mascara, brow pens..I could go on an on about it but it’s easy to say that the brand is complete! The brand caters everyone, from everyday women to professional make-up artists.

We’ve recently worked together for Runway Dubai 2016 which her brand sponsored. As a make-up artist, I like coming prepared for a job. It was a very different experience for me when we did Runway Dubai, I didn’t bring anything but myself. She provided all the make-up and the brushes. It was my first time to use her products at that time and I instantly fell in love with it!

We started doing the make-up for the models from 11am, the show is at 7pm. The models’ make-up lasted until the end of the show, we just needed to retouch the lipstick & powder their t-zones in between shows.


#THEORYBeautyArtistry Glam Squad for Runway Dubai 2016

Here are some photos from Runway Dubai 2016, the models shown are the ones I worked with.og1a3738 og1a4254 15025662_1025672320888645_3776528649210153946_o 15123187_1025671167555427_8505384242672883082_o 15126238_10210604610809059_997108613_o 15133757_10210604611249070_1789349429_o 15136013_1025671730888704_8570287709412063440_n 15145044_10210604610729057_1997638990_o 15146864_10210604610609054_719261487_o 15183896_10210604611209069_1421152470_o

After the fashion show, I had the opportunity to be given the 12-piece Professional Brush Set with Make-up Application Guide Book & my own THEORY Make-up Diary which is customizable palette.

The brushes come with a book that teaches you the basics of make-up. It’s perfect for beginners & for make-up artists who wants reference every now and then. If you are a visual learner, the book is perfect because it’s photos centered and not text heavy. I personally prefer this than a YouTube video because each step is demonstrated in photos unlike a video when you have to hit the stop or replay button over and over if you don’t get it the first time.


The brush set is definitely part of my kit now, take it with me in every make-up job that I get hired for. To be honest, these 12 brushes does all the work. It’s a great set to have if you are just starting & of course it’s a good addition to your kit. It’s the core brushes that you need for a complete look.

_lms0303 _lms0301

For my make-up diary, I’ve chosen range of eyeshadows that I could use for my brides. The shadows are Mineral Matte Eyeshadow, the formulation is hypoallergenic, mineral oil-free, talc-free fragrance-free, dye-free & paraben-free. The shadows are well-pigmented and if you use the primer before applying the eyeshadow, it makes the colors more vivid.


This is just my first blog post about the brand, there’s more coming up!

To check out the full range of products that THEORY offers, visit

If you want to experience these awesome products, leave your comments below and I’ll gladly connect you to the brand customer service.


Louise Monique