If you are working in the UAE, there are inevitable times when you have to exit the country for a a (visa) status change and other complications regarding visa.

These are one of the moments when it applies to me and instead of the going to the usual “Exit Countries” for Filipinos, I went on a budget adventure to Sri Lanka for 5 days. If you are a Filipino passport holder you can enter 60+ countries without acquiring a visa beforehand and one of which is Sri Lanka though you have to acquire for an ETA prior to your departure, it costs around $10 and it’s very easy to get one- you just have to go to this website  and fill up all the necessary information and pay through credit or debit card.

Apart from visiting Sri Lanka for the first time, it’s also my first time to book a hostel through AirBnb. I booked for a studio apartment for 5 days and it only costs AED 550. My air ticket is about AED800 and I brought a pocket money of AED1000.

With a budget of AED500, I was able to go on a day trip to Kandy which includes a private car and a driver/tour guide and entrance fees to tourist spots. And the rest of my budget was allotted for buying LOTS of teas, some presents and it also covered my food & transpo wherever I go for 4 days.

I stayed in Colombo the whole time which is a fairly busy city. there are lesser tourist attractions in Colombo but the advantage of staying there is I am just an hour away from the airport and you’ll get to see the hustle and bustle of the Sri Lankan city life.

Gangaramaya Temple

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Day Trip to Kandy

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage


_LMS3089 _LMS3093 _LMS3112

Spice & Herb Garden

_LMS3126 _LMS3133 _LMS3134 _LMS3135 _LMS3136 _LMS3138 _LMS3139 _LMS3142 _LMS3146 _LMS3148

Kurugama Tea Factory

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Isini Gems

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Temple of the Tooth

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View of the whole Kandy City