& Until The Dreams Come

The show aims to exhibit all watercolor paintings that were inspired by the book & Until The Dreams Come, along with photographs of the details with excerpts from the book illustrating that while you can view any story as a whole, the real story is when you experience it magnified and up close.
Danabelle Gutierrez
& Until The Dreams Come is a book that whispers and roars. It is on fire and it is drowning. There is no gentle here. It means nothing, until it means something, and suddenly it’s everything. This is a book that has loved and has survived to tell the tale.

Kris Kang
The watercolour paintings were inspired by the book & Until The Dreams Come. They illustrate the journey of a person in a relationship using the interaction of non-human objects to the human body with its movements and characteristics defining and detailing the emotions depicted in the poems._LMS3673 _LMS3717 _LMS3716 _LMS3714 _LMS3672 _LMS3635 _LMS3648 _LMS3654 _LMS3660 _LMS3668 _LMS3633 _LMS3626 _LMS3630 _LMS3626 _LMS3624 _LMS3585 _LMS3587 _LMS3596 _LMS3608 _LMS3609 _LMS3580 _LMS3565 _LMS3561 _LMS3558 _LMS3556 _LMS3555 _LMS3545