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MORES & KJM Cosmetics – Asian Beauty Brands Represent!

It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog. Yes, life happened and yes, it’s hard to be an adult. But talking about that is a whole different story and this post is about my discovery of two amazing Asian beauty brands from the Philippines & Thailand.

The online beauty store, PrimaBeauty Finds sent me some Thai beauty products called MORES & the Filipino made cosmetics line called KJM cosmetics.  Oh! A little bit of chika on the side, the owner of the PrimaBeauty Finds is such a darling! She made sure that I got the products right away. Who wouldn’t want to deal with nice people, right? Definitely 10 for customer service, good manners & right conduct! HA! 🙂

From KJM Cosmetics, I received lip tints in Pink Puff, Summer Kiss, Bittersweet Magenta & Dolled. I also got tinted lip balms in Manic, Pandora & Clarity. Out of all the lip tint shades that I’ve tried, my favorite is Bittersweet Magenta though I also love Summer Kiss – this shade is definitely a show stopper!

I live for lip tints and I personally use it more than lipstick.  You almost don’t feel the product on your lips after applying it. Second, you can still moisturize  your lips and retain the color by topping it off with a bit of lip balm.

Four things I love about KJM Cosmetics:

  1. KJM Cosmetics offer wide range of lip tint & lip balm shades, I think they have about 10 different shades of lip tints.

  2. The product organic, meaning – the said ingredient (or almost 100% of the ingredients in an organic product) have been grown and processed under a very strict code of cleanliness, with no pesticides or fertilizers, and absolutely no genetically modified organisms.

  3. The lip tint is actually moisturizing and you won’t feel like your lips are chapped & dry after applying the product.

  4. It’s proudly Filipino . 🙂

IMG_5221 IMG_5165   IMG_5223


And of course, a selfie – using Summer Kiss lip tint.

From MORES, I received MORES Magic Cleanser, MORES 2Eyes Sleeping Mask & MORES White Booster.

My favorite among the MORES skin care line is the Magic Cleanser. I’ve tried a lot of make up remover but this one is unlike the rest. It’s gel type and you just have to gently rub it on your face then wash it off with water – poof & your make up’s gone! It’s PH level is 5.5 so it’s guaranteed safe & gentle even for sensitive skin.

I’ve used MORES 2Eyes and more than anything, it made my under eye smooth and I felt refreshed even though I only had 6 hours of sleep!

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of whitening products – I love my chocolate skin & I don’t have the urge to look white, I’m proud of where I came from! Pinays represent! So I was a bit hesitant to try the MORES White Booster. I used it once or twice and I haven’t seen or felt much difference. To be fair, just like other products, you have to use it more often to see visible results.

Though based on the other two products that I’ve tried from MORES and the mere fact that it didn’t harm my skin on the two times that I’ve tried it, I guess it’s a product worth trying. 🙂


Comments & suggestions below! Ciao!


Louise Monique

Boho Love Affair


Venue: Sofitel The Palm Furniture: Innovative Hiring Photo: Daniella Baptista Video:  Granville Road Flower: Crochet Flowers Stationery: Design By Sara Kay Cakes: CupNCakes Chocolate:  Allegrosme Gown: The Bridal Showroom Hair & Makeup: The Louise Monique Cutleries: Party Social Car: Platinum Heritage

A Bridal Affair


Planning / Styling @theweddinghaven

Photography / Videography @melrish

Flowers @blossomtreedubai

Rentals @innovativehiringdubai

Hair / Makeup @thelouisemonique

Bridal Dresses @vanilastudiodubai

Cake @littlemscupcakes

Wooden signs & decor @_the_party

Venue @lavilledubai 

Linens @tabletopsevents_ae

Embroidered napkins @loulafavors

Jewelry @mariaomstudio

Love in Paradise


Styling and planning @jiveevents

Photography @jvrphotographyliz
Floral design @valentino_flowers
Bridal crown @bellesbyraquel
Hair and makeup @thelouisemonique
Furniture rentals @innovativehiringdubai 
Stationary @designbylouma
Sign, drink stirrers and name tags @_the_party
Glasses @tanagrame via @MyListae
Plates and cutleries @galerieslafayettedubai via @MyListae
Pomegranate glasses, colored poufs and other accessories @oderosedubai via @MyListae
Model @divadubaimodels




Featured in Hey Wedding Lady!

Dip Dye Wedding Ideas in Ombré Peach and Coral

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Photography by Liz JvR Photography | Planning and Event Design byCloud Nine Wedding & Event Organizinging & Event | Floral Design byTulipano. Floral Decor.. | Wedding Dress designed by House of Moirai Bridal | Wedding Dress dyed by Egypsy | Custom Wall Backdrops byE-Walls Studio | Wedding Cake by Rasha Rmeily Cakes | Table Decor from MyList | Furniture Rentals from Harlequin Marquees & Event Services | Stationery Design and Calligraphy by TheFozzyBook | Bridal Makeup by The Louise Monique | Silk Ribbon by Seidenband

Crocs x The Louise Monique

I’ve recently collaborated with Crocs for the launch of their new campaign #ComeAsYouAre.

The new campaign is all about being comfortable in your own skin and embracing your personal style. We’ve been given a chance to choose two pairs of Crocs, since I’m a lover of everything pink and also I wanted something that will suit the Hello Kitty blings that came with my goodie bag, I chose this pair from the Isabella collection.

Nope! Not too old to wear this pink pair with some Hello Kitty blings that definitely takes me back to my childhood.

For varied comfort and style, you can remove the blings or mix & match them too. This is why I love Crocs so much!

I’m definitely living for this Hello Kitty cuteness.

I mentioned 2 pairs, right? So I shared the love to my mom and got her a pair for Mother’s Day too! I took her to one of the flagship stores, Dubai Mall, and we were welcomed by the staff. They gave my mom suggestions on which pair to go for depending on her daily activity. We really appreciated how helpful the staff were, they recommended this super comfy pair for her since she works outdoors mostly.

Look at that happy face! 🙂

Of course she used it right after getting the pair and since we were at Dubai Mall, I figured I needed something really comfortable…so I used the pair that I got from Crocs too!

Doesn’t it look so comfy and chic?

In partnership with Crocs Middle East and Illustrado Magazine, I’m giving away TWO Crocs gift certificates. Details coming up in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!


Louise Monique

MKS Jewellery: Silver Streak


Model: Bojana

Photography: Lauren Ellis Godfrey

Hair & Makeup: The Louise Monique

Simo Ayat Couture’s New Collection

Designer: Simo Ayat

Model: Tamara King

Photographer: Lakshik Perera

Hair & Make-up Artist: Louise Monique

Product Feature: Rose Glam Collection

I just received the package from Giella Custom Blend Cosmetics and I’m totally in love with it! I have been a fan of the brand even before I had the pleasure to be one of their brand ambassadors and now I am so grateful to represent the brand.<3

I’ve been sent the Rose Glam collection which is perfect for my brides! The Rose Glam highlighter is perfect for that ‘bridal’ glow. It’s sheer and buildable. It’s suitable for every bride, its shade is rosy pink and blends well on the skin. It’s perfect if you’re going for the sweet and romantic bridal look.

The lipstick and gloss complete the romantic bridal look. The products are guaranteed paraben-free; both lipstick and gloss are hydrating & pigmented. It’s long-lasting and the rosy shade of pink suits all skin types.

Make-up video using these products will be up soon!


Louise Monique

Black & White with Paula

It’s fascinating how the internet and social media connect people all over the world. In our case, social media became a tool to meet up and work with like-minded & creative people. Paula is London-based model and blogger traveling to Dubai for a week, she approached me for a collab shoot and I’d be making a mistake if I say no to that beauty.

For this shoot, I opted for a natural makeup that emphasizes her natural beauty. We just wanted everything authentic and as raw as it could get, in fact, these photos are edited minimally – no skin retouching done.

My good friend and one of my most trusted photographers, Joem perfectly captured Paula’s personality- candid, fun and a natural stunner.

Hair & Make-up: The Louise Monique

Photography: Joem Aldea

Model: Paula Okunzuwa




See, anyone can start a fire, darling,

but how are you going to keep it alight?

What will you don when it dies down?

Just start another one and another and another?

Do you have enough tinder, dearest,

enough matches in your back pockets?

Will you stay and light a cigarette,

watch the embers glow as the sparks dance?

Let’s roast marshmallows and drink hot chocolate

in the open, under a blanket of stars.

Stay with me tonight.

But do me a favor will you, my love?

When you leave, douse me with water,

lest I be the cause of a wildfire.

Bury me in the sand.

Forget me. I will be okay.

Just think of the trees.

-Danabelle Gutierrez, & Until the Dreams Come

Hair & Make-up: The Louise Monique

Photography: Studio by The Louise Monique

Model: Marix